Overcoming Overthinking

Yes, I’m one of those people who have to think  A LOT about everything. Such as what to order, what to wear, what to say and what not to say. The most frustrating action my mind takes is imagining situations and rehearsing everything I will need to say so there are no mistakes. This overthinking put my mental state in such distress that I feel my hands wet from all the sweating. I understand the true meaning of headaches during this time. When I imagine situations, I think of the worst outcome possible, then I feel upset and back myself away in real when the situation arises. This frustrates a lot of people around me such as my boyfriend. He finds it weird how I do this to myself, making a big deal over spilt milk. He tells me to only focus on things that need energy and time and not waste my mental energy on useless things. Because of this behaviour we have had numerous fights and arguments, this then upsets me because I know it is my fault because I had to overthink everything and it had to be a big deal. At the end, we both get so exhausted that we forget what we were fighting about. The only way I find myself overcoming this behaviour is to not think. Sounds impossible but it is helping me.

The only way I find myself overcoming this behaviour is to not think. Sounds impossible but it is helping me. Here’s what I do, when I find myself observing and analysing every little detail and every angle of a prospect situation. I step back and say, ‘does it need to be big deal’. Do I really want to put myself through this? The most important question I ask myself is ‘will it matter to me in 24 hours?’If it doesn’t then you know, it isn’t worth putting yourself in a pickle jar where the escape is inevitable. Overthinking has always been an issue for me and probably will in the later future. But the important thing to learn is to find ways to deal with this. Not just calming yourself but actual effective methods that help you escape the situation. Once you’ve discovered that, repeat it and tell yourself you can do this, you can overcome it.

River Flows in You


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