Busy Bee

In the past week, I have been drowning in work. I had assignments due and 2 jobs that I have committed too.

I did 25 hours of work in over 3 days and managed to submit my assignment. It was such a stressful period. However, I surprised myself by remaining calm. I didn’t have any meltdown, I didn’t cry but the only thing that kept me stable was my watch.

I am a person who is late all the time and wearing a watch, really helped me. I was constantly looking at the time and it kept me going and I was up to date. I wasn’t running late.

Lately, I feel that i am maturing and I think people around me are acting weird. I look at my sister and she acts so childishly. I’ve never seen her act mature or had an intellectual conversation with her.  When she talks to me  I feel weird because I wish she could figure out that life isn’t just about fun and games. Take it seriously, because it’s precious.

The highlight of my weekend was snuggling with my man for a little while. I was mad at him because he said something that really hurt me and I felt like crying because I felt my confidence drop a lot. Even though I am trying my best not to let other people’s opinions influence me but he is the love of my life and I couldn’t do it. So for two days, I did not speak to him. And today I went and visited him and we made up. Then we spent some time together and it was the most peaceful thing in the world.

For the first time, I felt calm in a stressful situation. I hope I can keep it up.



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